Paddy Hartley

Paddy Hartley is an internationally exhibited, collected and published artist based in London. His artistic practice investigates themes including memorialisation and remembrance, the origins of WW1 facial reconstruction and those who underwent the surgery, the discourse between faith groups and biomedical research, the ethics of human cloning and steroid use and abuse in the bodybuilding community. His work has taken the form of biotissue manipulation and assembly, digital photography, digital embroidery, installation, ceramic, garment creation and modification and assemblage.

Paddy is a 4-times Wellcome Trust Arts Awardee and resulting projects have facilitated outcomes including the design and creation of his appearance altering ‘Face Corsets’, the production Bioglass facial implants for clinical use and latterly his interpretations for ‘Project Facade': Responding to the surgical and personal stories of facially injured WW1 servicemen.  He has worked in close collaboration with science and curatorial innovators including Bioglass/Biomaterials Scientist Dr Ian Thompson, Kings College London (KCL), Dr Andrew Bamji formerly Gillies Archive Curator, William Edwards Curator of the Gordon Museum KCL and Professor Malcolm Logan at the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, KCL.

His work has exhibited at venues throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia and his is work has been acquired for the permanent collections of The Wellcome Collection London, Museum of Arts and Design New York and the National Army Museum London. He is a regular guest speaker on his practice at Universities and Arts venues across the UK and additionally throughout the EU, Australia and the USA. Most notably he has presented at the Victoria & Albert Museum London, KODE Bergen, The Science Museum London, The Wellcome Trust and Museum of Arts and Design New York.

Paddy originates from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and is a graduate of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff with a Masters Degree in Sculpture and Ceramics. He is currently a Wellcome Trust Arts Awardee, and a Creativeworks London 'Creative Entrepreneur in Residence' at King's College London. His new book ‘Of Faces and Facades’ is published by Black Dog Publishing.

You can view more of Paddy's work including his digitally embroidered WW1 uniforms from Project Facade at

Paddy Hartley.